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The Complete "Dessert University" Digital Download System

My downloadable course is the most complete, easy to implement, authentic, & best tasting collection of recipes and lessons for making scrumdiddilyumptious desserts from your own home that you OR anyone eating at your house or event has ever encountered!
The Official "Dessert University" eCourse

You will recieve my ecourse featuring 50 pages of complete step by step instruction on how to make any mounth watering dessert up to 5-star restaraunt standards.
Learn the all of my tactics to have your own gourmet chocolatier eatery in your own home.
1500 Downloadable Video Tutorials

Cakes, cookies, ice creams and more 4 star desserts on video! Comprehensive & supplemental video tutorial/instructional series that teaches you my secret system of pumping out desserts and candies fast and at low cost. You may even want to watch to the videos multiple times to get the full value of this massive package.
Thousands of the most original, cutting edge recipes

I almost did not even include these in the package. With great power, comes great responsibility. Well, you are responsibly going to prepare and serve the most gorgeous sweet treats on earth! I'm going to show you how to do this inside at any party or any social gathering for immediate results.
Bonus #2: Candy Recipes

You not only will recieve my best dessert recipes, chocolate recipes and resources, but you will get a ton of candy recipes with instructions as well! I am going to fully prepare you for the big time. Get ready to make your wildest candy filled dreams come true.
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This adds an incredible value to the package because we constantly update the techniques and new secrets that I learn (or what other members learn). This exclusive forum is easily worth the TEN times the price of this package over time - you get my LIVE PERSONAL SUPPORT here!
--Cook like a Chef, even if you've never cooked a dessert before in your life--GUARANTEED!"
Members of my site can also reach me 24-7 on my phone with AIM. If you have any questions, they can be answered here. We upload new lessons every week and add new resources every month. I'll say it again!
-It's only $19.95 FOR THE WHOLE THING!I'll see you on the other side!
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