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My name is Kristy Leigh and I welcome you to DessertUniversity.com, the complete dessert cooking and preparation instructional system. Here you will find you can enjoy la dolce vita with absolutely no guilt!

Are you trying to lose weight? ...but the call of chocolate keeps making you cheat on your diet? Or maybe you just want to eat healthier for yourself and your family, but still would like to find a healthier alternative to processed desserts high in sugar, fat, calories, and ingredients you can't even pronounce!

Whatever the reason, you have come to the right site! For your convenience, we did all the homework for you and took the guesswork out of baking gourmet, exotic and international but healthier chocolate treats. Each recipe comes with a step by step video demonstration as well as a downloadable recipe. These recipes are tried and true to meet our healthy conscious standards.

What are you waiting for? Come indulge yourself in paradise as you delight in our all natural, warm and gooey, absolutely sinful chocolate cooking school!
Do you want to know how I do it? Do you want to know how I create hundreds of desserts from scratch in record time?

I am going to show you how I have become one of the most successful, powerhouse dessert chefs on the planet, using nothing but my system that I invented for dessert coooking.

And no .... this is NOT about hard work on your cooking skills or "smoothness" which may take months to years to perfect. My method is incredibly easy and works INSTANTLY in ANY KITCHEN OR EATERY! You can prove it to yourself immediately!

Do you want to discover STEP-by-STEP how to:
..... AND ......
That is my 100% confident promise to you. I am seriously THAT proud of this method.
"Discover The Four Secret Magic techniques to dessert cooking....and How to Use Them To make 5-star sweet dishes."
I'm going to show you the entire procedure - EVERY, EXACT recipe & technique - to create the most to-die-for dessert recipes in your kitchen in record breaking time, cost and calories. This is virtually guaranteed if you follow my video system, in conjunction with my world class, award-winning recipes.
You will learn how world famous chefs prepare those costly desserts, and how to replicate the most prestigious dishes for practially NO COST! I am going to show you how to prepare and serve any dessert, no matter what the recipe or what expensive restaraunt it came from in any part of the world. These videos alone will be worth far more than any "cooking lessons" you'll ever get! If any chef saw this, they'd PRAY that you never use it on their block, it's simply that powerful.
I don't only have one recipe for Chocolate chip cookies, I have 200! If you are looking for variety and quality, My chocolate chip cookies are simply to die for! - And I am not kidding! I'm going to ensure you will love my chocolate chip cookies! You have not tasted anything like my new recipes for 2007, for they haven't been released yet to the general public!
If you need to prepare the best of the best, you have come to the right place. Prepare for a reality shattering experience. You are now going to learn how to cook any gourmet treat, sweet heavenly dessert on the planet in 15 minutes! Don't worry, it is all extremely simple to grasp and you will love the results. I promise!
UNLOCK the 6 hidden avenues that you can market your desserts in entirely FREE and make astonishing high-margin profits day-in, day-out EFFORTLESSLY. Cash in on this multi-billion dollar industry. I'll show you my personal blueprint on how to earn hundreds a day with little work. 
Here's the outrageous truth about the whole "Death By Chocolate" craze. Every kitchen has to have the next killer, "Death by chocolate" recipe. It is a proven scientific fact that this dessert is probably the most famous chocolate desert known to man and woman, and it needs to be done justice. The real recipe is inside.
Here are three MIRACULOUS secrets that are unstoppable for Brownies, Torts and Truffles. I guarantee my recipe secrets will blow your guests away, for they are "magically" potent with proper application. Follow my instructions carefully and you will definetly start a craze in your name, starting tonight!
Looking for French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese desserts? There is not one culture left out of my system.
You are about to enter a serious international cooking instruction series, arming you for the big time, re-creating authentic taste in any kitchen in the world. I am not joking since I've been there and done that! I'll tell you EXACTLY how I maintain the authentic taste to the FULLEST EXTENT!
After you take my course, there is no cake that you cannot conquer. No matter what style, event or culture, you will have the exact knoledge to fullfill the chocolatey extravaganza with such delight, your guests will be begging for more!
These videos will teach you how to master exotic dessert cooking. It's so simple if you just follow my exact formula here. To guarantee you will  be able to create gourmet, exotic desserts on call, you need to follow my four step plan. This alone teaches you the skills to become a chef. People pay thousands to learn this, I'm teaching you the same principles for FREE in my system.
The Complete "Dessert University" Digital Download System

My downloadable course is the most complete, easy to implement, authentic, & best tasting collection of recipes and lessons for making scrumdiddilyumptious desserts from your own home that you OR anyone eating at your house or event has ever encountered!
The Official "Dessert University" eCourse

You will recieve my ecourse featuring 50 pages of complete step by step instruction on how to make any mounth watering dessert up to 5-star restaraunt standards.
Learn the all of my tactics to have your own gourmet chocolatier eatery in your own home.
Choco Factory DVD quality Video Tutorials

Comprehensive & supplemental video tutorial/instructional series that teaches you my secret system of pumping out desserts and candies fast and at low cost. You may even want to watch to the videos multiple times to get the full value of this massive package.
Thousands of the most original, cutting edge recipes

I almost did not even include these in the package. With great power, comes great responsibility. Well, you are responsibly going to prepare and serve the most gorgeous sweet treats on earth! I'm going to show you how to do this inside at any party or any social gathering for immediate results.
Bonus #2: Candy Recipes

You not only will recieve my best dessert recipes, chocolate recipes and resources, but you will get a ton of candy recipes with instructions as well! I am going to fully prepare you for the big time. Get ready to make your wildest candy filled dreams come true.
Bonus #3: Unlimited Updates & Membership To Our Member's Section

This adds an incredible value to the package because we constantly update the techniques and new secrets that I learn (or what other members learn). This exclusive forum is easily worth the TEN times the price of this package over time - you get my LIVE PERSONAL SUPPORT here!
--Cook like a Chef, even if you've never cooked a dessert before in your life--GUARANTEED!"

It's time....To test drive this system, just simply press the join button below. After that, you will be prompted to enter your billing information in simple, step-by-step instructions. All orders are processed by the #1 payment processor on the net, Paypal. We accept all major credit cards, eCheck, as well as Paypal funds. Then, you will be directed to a secure private membership section where the all-in-one package can be downloaded. You will also receive the exclusive registration to the forums via email. This is INSTANT, FULL ACCESS ... and you can use my methods within 5 minutes of reading the special "Fast Start" guide.

The entire ChocoFactory system costs only $47.00, and yes, that is a one-time fee. That $47.00 gets you an unlimited membership, and everything that I am offering you. This includes all the audio guides, ebook tutorials, and the ChocoFactory system. You will soon be able to whip up any delicious dessert recipe in record time with the knoledge you will learn in my system.


Kristy Leigh

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